Why Relationships Are Important to Our Well-Being


Relationships are vital to our well-being, bringing with them many benefits. They help us live healthier lives by providing emotional support, a sense of belonging, and reducing anxiety and depression symptoms.

The presence of someone you love can make you happy immediately and this happiness is contagious, extending to your partner and family. The presence of a partner is also linked to the brain’s release of serotonin, which can lead to better sleep, improved mental health and robust physical wellbeing.

Healthy relationships are about mutual respect, valuing who your partner is and understanding their boundaries. They also have good communication, so you can express your feelings and needs to each other without feeling judged or attacked.

You can trust your partner and you know they will be there for you in tough times, whether that means giving you a hug or helping you out when you need it. They can support you when you have a bad day at work, go on a girls’ trip together, and even help you decompress after a stressful event.

They are committed to each other and want the relationship to last. They work hard to keep the relationship going and make it stronger than ever before.

There are many things that can go wrong in relationships, including arguments, conflict, and even physical abuse. These are all serious issues that should be addressed, so it’s important to talk about them with your partner and find ways to resolve them.

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