What Makes a Person Fashionable?


Fashion is a term used to describe the most current trends in clothing and accessories. The trends change often, so many people spend a lot of time chasing them. However, it is important to remember that fashion is more than just trends. Fashion is a way to show the world who you are and what you stand for. It can also be a status symbol or a sign of solidarity with other people.

People have different ideas about what makes a person fashionable. Some people think that a person has to be dressed in the latest fashions to be considered stylish, while others believe that it is possible to be fashionable without being on the cutting edge of the latest styles. The popularity of fashion can be influenced by social, economic, and cultural factors. Fashions can be created by combining new elements into existing ones, and they can also be used to enforce uniformity – for example, when the Mao suits became a national costume in China.

In the past, fashions have been closely linked to societal changes. For example, in the United States during the 1960s, short skirts and jeans became fashionable after they were made popular by teenagers who wore them to protest against censorship of music. But fashions can also be a victim of their own success, as they may become too popular at one point and then fizzle out. A more sustainable form of style, on the other hand, has less to do with popular culture and more to do with a person’s internal conceptions of what is attractive.

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