What Is Newsworthy?

News is current information about events in the world. It should be presented briefly so that readers can read it, clearly so they can understand it, picturesquely so that it will captivate their attention and above all accurately so they can be guided by it.

When deciding what is newsworthy, journalists must evaluate the importance of an event and weigh the impact it will have on society. They also must decide what to include and exclude from the article. For example, they may decide to focus on the murder of a woman while ignoring the beating of a dog because of the negative impact the story would have on society.

Another factor in determining what is newsworthy is the time of the event. People are more interested in current events than those from a week ago or tomorrow. Also, people are more interested in shocking news stories than those that are mundane or expected.

In addition to the inverted pyramid structure, a good news article should contain primary and secondary sources. The primary source should be someone who can offer insight or analysis on the topic, while the secondary source should be someone who can relate anecdotes or share how they have personally been affected by the news.

In order for a news article to be credible, it must be objective and fair. It should also avoid bias and prejudice. In addition, a good journalist will always question and challenge the validity of a source to make sure they are not influenced by personal or political beliefs.

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