What Is News?


News is current affairs or events of interest that may affect people in the community, nation or world. It should be brief enough to catch a reader’s attention, clear enough to understand and picturesquely written. Usually, there is a sense of urgency and immediacy attached to the story as it will be reported by newspapers in print or on TV or on the Internet.

It is also important that the news event has significance beyond one person’s experience, and therefore has a broader public impact. It will also be of interest to readers if it is dramatic and has clearly identified good and bad people and actions. A robbery in a convenience store will be interesting to readers, for example, because it will involve human drama and there will be obvious good and bad characters involved.

People are interested in famous people, so stories about them are newsworthy – especially if they are successful or have fallen from grace. People are also interested in the environment, so stories about nature and science make the news. They are also interested in their health, so they like to hear about hospitals, treatments and doctors. They are also interested in sex, even though it is not something they tend to talk about openly.

It is important that the journalist gets all the facts correct, as a mistake can discredit an entire newspaper or article. A reporter should also try to get a diverse range of sources, as some opinions are more interesting than others. A reporter should also watch TV news shows or listen to the radio to see how news is presented and to gain an understanding of what appeals to audiences.

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