What Is News?


News is information about current events. It can cover politics, culture, business, education, the environment, health, sports or even weather, and has been recorded throughout history by oral communication and written media. Government proclamations are often considered news, as well as royal ceremonies, laws and taxes. News is widely reported in newspapers, magazines, radio and television, as well as over the internet.

What is considered to be news varies with each society. Generally it is news about unusual events. This includes both things that happen regularly in a given society, such as the case of “dog bites man” but also unusual situations which can be perceived as surprising and therefore newsworthy, such as an insect living on a new plant.

The definition of what is newsworthy is a judgement call made by journalists. They try to balance the interest of a wide range of people, and also consider the impact on the community and wider world, as well as the costs of producing the news. In the United States, for example, broadcasters are expected to avoid bias and present only factual news.

When writing a News article, it is important not to “bury the lead”. It is best to put the main facts at the beginning of the piece. This way readers don’t have to read several paragraphs before they get the point of the article. It is also good to include additional information after the main facts, this could be contact details or more background to the event.

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