What Is Fashion?

Fashion is a way of dressing that reflects your personal style. It can also be a way to express your mood and feelings. For example, when you wear something that makes you feel confident, it can boost your self-esteem. And when you dress well, everyone gives you a second glance and tells you how great you look.

Historically, fashion has been an indicator of social and cultural shifts. For example, long dresses and veiled headgear were popular during the Victorian era, but those styles are replaced with micro and mini dresses in modern times.

However, for a trend to be considered fashionable, it must be widespread and accepted by a significant portion of the population. In order for this to happen, it must be adapted by individuals and spread throughout society by word of mouth or in mass media such as magazines and television shows.

The emergence of new styles can be compared to the diffusion of technology in a society, where a minority group initially adopts a new innovation before it eventually becomes mainstream. In addition, a new style can be influenced by a cultural icon or celebrity, as was the case of bell bottom jeans when John Lennon wore them in his music videos.

In addition, most fashion trends repeat themselves every 20 years – the same styles that were popular once will likely become popular again. So if you regret throwing out your old low-rise jeans, don’t worry, they’ll probably make a comeback soon.

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