What Is Fashion?


Fashion is the prevailing style of dress or other aspects of personal appearance. Fashion has been used throughout history to allow people to express their social standing or affiliations. The way someone dresses also gives the world an idea of their personality and interests. Fashions can vary between cultures and even within societies at different times.

Clothes, shoes, accessories and hairstyles are all considered part of the fashion. Keeping up with the latest trends can be expensive and time-consuming. For some, this is a hobby and for others, it is a way of life.

The fashion industry includes designers and people who make, alter or sell clothing. Designers may create original designs or copy existing styles. They may also work with fabric manufacturers to produce new textiles. These fabrics are often made from natural fibers such as cotton or wool, or synthetic materials, such as rayon and lyocell (which are manufactured from cellulose that comes from wood chips) or polyester. They may be blended with other materials to add strength or softness.

Trends in fashion change frequently, often as the result of influences from music, movies and television. They may be driven by changes in technology, economics or politics. People may buy a particular product simply because it is fashionable, but the trend usually ends as soon as something newer and more desirable appears.

The word fashion is sometimes confused with style, although they are not the same thing. Style refers to a combination of lines and shapes that define a garment. A fashion is a particular type of garment that is popular at any given time. The words mode, vogue, fad, and rage describe the popularity of a fashion.

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