Types of Law

Law is a set of rules that people must follow.

Even in a well-ordered society, disputes and conflicts often arise. In order to resolve them peacefully, people turn to the law.

There are many types of laws and they can be divided into public law and private law.

Public law is a set of rules that governs society and is enforced by the government.

These laws can be made by a group of people or a single person, known as the legislature. These laws are then enacted by the government through statutes, decrees and regulations.

They can also be established by judges through precedent, which is a rule that has been accepted in previous cases.

Some of these rules are based on the law of nature, while others are based on social norms.

Examples of social rules are the laws of the road and the laws that apply to buying and selling goods.

Unlike these social rules, however, the law of the road and the laws that apply to purchasing and selling goods were created by processes different from those involved in agreements between friends.

For example, the law of the road was a written document that was a legal document and therefore could be enforced by a court. The laws that apply to buying and selling goods were not a written document but they were an agreement between two people.

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