Traveling and Hotels

Traveling and hotels are an industry that involves the sale of accommodation for people who are traveling away from home. This includes hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, cabins and apartment rentals. It also includes airlines, airports and other transportation services as well as the companies that sell travel insurance, trip protection plans, and currency exchange. It is also a broad term that could include other businesses who provide ancillary services to travelers such as cruise lines, tour operators and other providers of recreational activities.

When choosing a hotel, travelers need to decide what amenities they want and need. This may be based on their preferences, the types of activities they plan to do during their trip or the needs of their families. For example, if they are planning to do a lot of walking, they may prefer to stay in a central location with easy access to attractions and public transportation. Other considerations might be the availability of a gym or spa, whether they need a room with an accessible bathroom or other accessibility features, and their budget.

Hotel chains have an advantage over Airbnb in this area because they have a more established brand and offer loyalty programs that can be beneficial to frequent travelers. They also tend to have more oversight of their properties, which can be helpful for those with special needs who need accommodations that meet a certain level of quality. With COVID-19 making cities less attractive and many of the best Airbnb options in suburban or rural locations, this is an opportunity for hotels to attract leisure travelers who have traditionally been price sensitive.

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