The Value of News


News is a kind of report that carries an information on current events. It can influence the public in a positive and negative way.

A journalist is the one who writes and checks the news for accuracy and fairness. He/she is also the one who determines the focus of the story. In the digital age, the line between the journalist and the business office is blurred.

The news is usually about people and their lives. These stories can be about extreme behavior, violence, or showbusiness. They can also have a lighter human interest.

The value of the news story depends on how it can influence the readers. A well-developed story can be easily understood by the audience.

The news should be fresh and interesting. Moreover, the story should be about people. Stories about people are often referred to as entertainment stories. Entertainment stories may include witty headlines, humorous treatment, and human interest.

An insect discovery could be a big news story. However, it’s unlikely to be of interest to the general public. Therefore, it would be more newsworthy to a specialist publication.

In addition, a news story should be about a person or an event that is significant. Examples of significant stories are: the assassination of Mrs. Gandhi, a military coup, the discovery of a new insect species, or the discovery of a new technology.

There are three categories of values: explicit, implicit, and doxic. According to O’Neill, the value of the news should be a balanced one, meaning it should include both positive and negative overtones.

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