The Importance of News


News consists of current events that have an impact on people. This includes political, social and economic news. It is a kind of communication that informs, educates and entertains.

The purpose of news is to report the happenings in our society and to make them known to everyone. It should be fair, accurate and objective. This is the reason why journalists cross check before printing a story to ensure its credibility, objectivity and fairness.

A news item should be interesting and exciting for readers or listeners. This can be achieved by using humour or by presenting an interesting, unusual or unexpected event.

There are three elements that determine the importance of a news item: currency, location and the emotion involved in the story. A news item can be valuable if it is based on something that happened recently, if it involves the loss of lives or damage caused by natural disasters and if it has an emotional value for the reader.

In most societies a story has a higher news value if it is related to an unusual or extraordinary event. For example a car killing a cow, pig or child is more newsworthy than a girl going to university.

Location: The proximity of an event is also important for its news value. A story of Imran Khan marrying in the United Kingdom is more interesting to readers of that part of the world than a story about an event in Pakistan.

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