The Benefits of Playing Team Sport

Millions of children and adults play team sport around the world. They may think it is just extracurricular fun, but they are actually learning a number of life-long skills that will benefit them well into adulthood.

1. Teamwork

One of the most obvious benefits of team sports is that they teach kids about working with other people toward a common goal. They learn to work with teammates who are very different from them and to respect each other. They also learn to communicate with their coach and teammates and work through problems. These are valuable skills that will help them throughout their lives and in the workplace.

2. Critical Thinking Skills

Team sports often require players to solve complex problems on the fly. For example, when a player is trying to stop an opposing team’s star player or they are trying to figure out how to draw the other team into making mistakes, they have to use their problem-solving skills. This is something that will help them in the workplace as they start their own careers and are faced with similar situations.

3. Effective Communication

All team sports require some form of effective communication amongst the members. Whether it is calling out an instruction, discussing strategies and areas for improvement or talking about a game after the match is over, kids are forced to learn how to effectively communicate with their teammates and coaches. This is another important skill that will help them in the workforce as they start their own careers and will be valuable in their personal life as well.

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