The Benefits of Playing at a Live Online Casino


Unlike online casinos that offer virtual games, live casinos feature a real ‘live’ dealer. Rather than just a random number generator and computer simulations, live casinos use real cards and roulette wheels, as well as real live video streaming.

The cost to run a live casino is much higher than a virtual casino. This is due to the need for a higher investment in technology, staff, and equipment. Also, live casinos offer only a few popular games. In addition, the amount of money given per wager is relatively small.

Live casinos are becoming more popular with gamblers who can’t travel to local casinos. They are also popular with those who prefer to play from home. These games are often played with higher table stakes than digital games. In addition, they feature a social aspect, where players can interact with the dealer.

The most popular game is blackjack. Blackjack is played with an eight deck shoe, and players can double down on any two cards. If the dealer makes a natural blackjack, players win the amount of their original bet.

Another popular game is roulette. The Evolution Lightning series of Roulette games feature multipliers that boost your winnings. Some casinos offer other games, including Dragon Tail, and Super Six rules.

In addition, many casinos offer free online tournaments. These tournaments may offer cash prizes and other bonuses. These bonuses are often used to draw new players.

Live casino games are available at most top casinos. They are filmed from several camera angles, and then streamed to your computer screen in real time. They are also available on mobile devices.

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