Relationships Are All About Connection

Relationships are all about connection. They can be romantic, familial, platonic, professional, or casual. In general, though, relationships give us more meaning in our lives. They help with our self-esteem, make life more fun and interesting, allow us to try new things without fear, support us in our endeavors, and are a source of comfort during the good and bad times of life.

A healthy relationship is one that offers intimacy, trust, and love, whether it’s romantic or not. However, with so many different types of human connections, it’s easy to have a hard time recognizing what’s really going on in a relationship. Luckily, registered psychotherapist Natacha Duke, MA, RP shares some telltale signs that you’re in the right place and that your significant other is truly committed to you for the long haul.

A good partner is someone that makes you smile, whose company is always enjoyable, and that knows you in a way that nobody else does. They should also respect your freedom to pursue other interests and have a life outside of your relationship. They should also be comfortable if you have a secret hobby or if you’re tempted to explore a sexual fantasy that seems strange. You should be able to discuss these things with your partner in an open and honest manner so that both of you feel safe. This will also ensure that you’re both on the same team and can work together to reach your common goals.

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