Learning About News For Kids

News is information about current events. News can be found in a variety of media, including print, radio, television, and the internet.

News can inform, educate, and entertain. It can also cause concern, alarm, or fear. Sometimes, the news can even make us angry or sad. However, the purpose of news should always be to inform and educate. Entertainment should come from other areas, such as music and drama on radio and TV, crossword puzzles in newspapers, or humor columns.

It is important that children understand the importance of a free press and how the news they read, hear, or watch helps them in their daily lives. The following resources are a good starting point for learning about the role of the press in our society.

Kids can learn about News by reading a newspaper, watching the news on TV or radio, listening to their parents talk about it, or visiting kid-friendly websites and apps that report on current events. In addition, it is always a good idea to have a teacher or other adult read any article that you are planning to submit for publication. This extra set of eyes can help with grammar, sentence structure, and phrasing.

The following sites have articles on current events that are appropriate for kids, including some reporting on breaking News. Some of the events are serious, but most of them are presented in a way that is less scary and overwhelming for young children.

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