How News is Made and How it Influences Society


The conflict between the press and government is as old as journalism itself. In the past, the news was often based on what the government wanted to hear, not what was really going on in the world. The growth of television has expanded the audience for news and has added a dramatic element to the stories. In addition, the number of special-interest groups and lobbyists has increased.

The impact of the internet on news media is particularly challenging to traditional news organizations. For example, classified ads that used to be in newspapers are increasingly being replaced by ads on news web sites. The amount of money that these Web sites receive from advertising is often not enough to cover their costs. Additionally, news web sites sometimes do not receive enough attention to justify their investment in advertising. However, the internet has spawned a new breed of independent news organizations, allowing for smaller news organizations to reach a wide range of audiences.

There are several different models for describing how news is made and how it influences society. Although these models are helpful in understanding the process of news making, they do not account for the specific content of the online and print media. Journalists select stories based on their impact on the audience. This may include scandals, violence, local content, or timely content.

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