Home Improvement Trends

Home improvement is the process of renovating a home to make it more comfortable, safe or functional. It can involve changing or repairing floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, lighting, and plumbing. Many homeowners complete these projects themselves while others hire professional contractors. Some of the most popular projects include remodeling kitchens, bathrooms and adding rooms. These renovations can increase a home’s value and appeal.

However, homeowners are cautious when it comes to spending money on home improvements. Fewer than half (42%) of homeowners who took on a project in the past two years said they were able to pay for it without tapping into savings or going into debt. This is down from 52% who reported being able to do so in 2020.

One reason for this caution is the sluggish housing market. Another is the fact that many homeowners are aging, and they often require renovations to meet their changing needs. Increasingly, these renovations are focused on making the home safer and more accessible for older people.

Another trend is the need to protect homes from extreme weather variations. As temperatures fluctuate and the number of natural disasters increases, renovations to improve a home’s ability to withstand heat, humidity and snow are likely to continue growing in popularity. These renovations may also include installing stronger windows or more insulation to reduce energy costs. Chain stores are a popular source for home improvements. These firms operate out of a fixed business location, have permanent addresses, stand by their warranties, and are usually reliable.

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