Factors to Consider When Writing News


Often times, the news is the cheapest way to spread a message. But there are some important factors to consider before you choose to write a news story.

First of all, you must have a story that is interesting and unusual. It should also affect the lives of your readers. A scandal, for example, is a powerful news story. The story of a prominent person losing money or getting involved in a scandal has a lot of news value.

Another important factor is how much time has passed since the event took place. If it was weeks ago, the news isn’t as important to your audience as if it was just a day or two before.

Weather and disease can also affect your everyday routines. For example, a sudden cold snap, unusually high temperatures, or low rainfall can all be newsworthy.

A crime or scandal can also be a story. The death of Mao Tse-tung was a newsworthy event. However, it was not released to the public for several days.

In some cases, people take interest in stories about confrontation between different groups. For example, the marriage of Imran Khan is a story of interest to people in the U.K. But it may not be as newsworthy in Germany or Somalia.

Other types of news include money and health stories. For example, a rise in food prices or a drop in drug prices can be of interest to the masses. Likewise, a government budget can be of interest to people.

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