Definitions of Technology


There are many definitions of Technology, from the very specific to the very broad. The term is generally used in reference to the development of computers and other information technology. For example, Information Technology, or IT, refers to computer networks, servers, software, and storage. However, other domains of technology have broader remits, such as flavour and odour technologies, DNA and gene technologies, and nano-tech.

Technology affects human culture and society in many different ways. Agricultural technology, for example, has probably had more impact on human life than any political revolution. Other technologies have influenced culture in other ways, including sanitation and preventive medicine. And, of course, technology has also been important in the development of new subcultures, such as cyberculture. Some forms of technology have also enabled political oppression and even war.

Technology is the combination of knowledge, methods, and processes that are used to create and improve objects and services. It also provides a basis for solving real-world problems and improving human life. In other words, technology provides the basis for engineering the past and reshaping the present. For example, electronic computers and other advanced scientific computing devices have enabled considerable progress in complex systems.

Technology is crucial to everyday life. From creating tools and machines to exchanging ideas, technology is vital to the human race. It allows us to stay connected with others, share ideas, and express emotions. Businesses also use technology to streamline information flow, serve customers, and market new products.

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