Business Services

Business services are a key component of the economy. They include banking, insurance, transportation, warehousing, and communications. These services are necessary for businesses to function properly and are also a major part of many countries’ GDPs.

Service industries are often viewed as a tertiary industry, or the third sector, and they account for a large portion of the workforce in most developed economies. They provide support to other industries that would otherwise not be able to perform the tasks needed to run efficiently.

They offer a variety of services that businesses need to do business, including consulting, accounting, cleaning, and hospitality. They also provide a wide range of software applications that improve the performance and security of a company or individual’s technology.

Cost Reduction: By putting various functions into one place, companies can cut costs and achieve economies of scale. They can also eliminate duplication of effort, and they can make it easier to track performance, report results, and improve overall service.

Improved Service: By allowing multiple organizations to work together in a dedicated service delivery group, companies can improve their services to customers. This helps reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

The Department of Business Services serves New York City small businesses by providing access to licenses, permits, financial and business assistance, government procurement, and neighborhood development. Its mission is to help you get your business off the ground and grow it.

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