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Business services

The business services industry includes 420,000 single-site and multi-site companies that generate nearly $950 billion in annual revenue. This sector is a good fit for those who enjoy helping others and are interested in a flexible work environment. There are several different career paths in business services, and many of these positions do not require an advanced degree. While the work environment in business services is not particularly glamorous, it provides many opportunities for career growth. Employees in business services are not typically involved in creating new products, but instead support other businesses.

Business services range from utility services, like solar panel installation, to real estate services, such as office or retail space. Other types of services include employee quality of life services such as daycare or fitness, and logistics, such as transportation and warehouse space. In addition to these, some companies also provide environmental services, such as recycling cardboard or garbage. Simplicable’s business services glossary provides detailed definitions for each type of service and provides examples for cost and revenue structure.

Business services are a great place to start your career if you’ve always been passionate about business. You can even start a small business to offer specific expertise to companies. You’ll need to find the right niche for your expertise and develop services according to their needs.

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