A Career in Financial Services

Financial services

Financial services is an expansive term that encompasses many different industries, jobs and areas of expertise. The industry covers everything from banking and investments to credit card companies, mortgage lenders and more. Those interested in a career in financial services should be aware of the industry’s scope to ensure they are pursuing the right path for them.

Most people think of banks, brokers and mortgage lenders as entirely separate entities, but they are all part of the financial services industry. In addition to those sectors, the industry also includes investment firms, insurance companies and Wall Street.

For example, a bank provides many financial services, including checking accounts, issuing credit cards and electronically transferring money. In contrast, investment banks focus on helping businesses raise money through underwriting debt and equity.

Other companies that provide financial services include credit-card processors, mortgage-lenders and credit-rating agencies. Additionally, there are several government-sponsored organizations that offer financial assistance to those in need, such as debt resolution and mortgage modification services.

A career in financial services is generally secure, though job security can depend on the size of a company. Additionally, many employers offer extensive training and mentoring programs to help new hires succeed in their roles. Because of the nature of the industry, it is important for individuals to be detail-oriented and quick thinking. It is common for employees in financial services to work long hours, which can lead to burnout and stress. To avoid this, it is recommended that employees seek out ways to balance their career and personal life outside of the workplace.

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