Healthy Relationships

Relationships are the people and connections that make up a big part of your social support network. They are essential to your health and well-being.

Healthy relationships can be a source of encouragement and motivation to pursue your personal goals and dreams. They can also be a source of support during difficult times, whether you’re facing a medical emergency or just need someone to listen. Sharing experiences can also forge a strong sense of togetherness and create lasting memories.

While the term “relationship” is often equated with romance, love, and marriage, there are many types of relationship that fall under this category, from casual to committed. Depending on the type of relationship, it may involve different levels of intimacy, commitment, and sexual exclusivity.

Despite the vast number of different types of relationships, there are some underlying similarities that can help you determine if a particular one is right for you. Here are some of the key traits that a healthy relationship should possess:

1. Mutual respect.

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